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Composite Fencing & Gates

Composite fencing solutions are an ideal alternative to more traditional and common fencing. There are many key benefits to installing composite fencing over timber, aesthetically too, composite fencing can provide a more sleek and decorative finish to any garden space.

The price of Composite fencing is expensive in comparison to traditional timber and concrete fencing materials, which often raises many questions around, why choose composite fencing for your garden space? 

How long does composite fence panels last? 

Composite fencing can last  for 20+ years. it is a durable material with robust installation methods that will outlast the average timber fence using timber boards and posts. Many manufacturers of Composite fencing offer residential warranty and commercial warranty, the time is dependent on the supplier.

For example; One of our leading suppliers offers 15 years warranty on the panels for residential use. 

Is composite fencing waterproof? 

Yes, Composite fencing is more water resistant than timber due to the plastic content in the panels. This therefore reduces the likelihood of wet rot. Unlike more conventional fencing using timber, composites do not require the application of sealants to be moisture resistant. 

Does composite fencing fade in the sun? 

Composite fencing will lighten in the sun, this will be especially noticable in the first 8-12 weeks after installation, the lightening of colour is due to outdoor exposure, UV exposure and of course being in the natural elements. After a period of time the colour of your composite fencing will stabilise. 

Grey Composite Panel Sample
Oak Composite Panel sample
Walnut Composite Panel sample

Contact us today, If you would like to know more about composite fencing solutions and discuss your individual requirements. 

We can also arrange a visit to see samples and provide you with an individual quotation

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