Domestic & Commercial Fencing

All About Fencing are able to offer an extensive number of services to meet your fencing needs in both areas of domestic and commercial fencing. If you do not see a service or product you require please don't hesitate to contact us and discuss your query with one of our team.

Domestic Fencing

Wooden Fence Panel

By Far a very popular choice, Wooden Panel fencing comes in various different styles. This fencing provides a robust finish as they slot into concrete posts and rest on concrete gravel boards providing longevity. 

Wood panels make for an ideal boundary and can be increased in height with trellis. 

Wooden fence panels can also be shortened for end of runs and angled for fences that increase in height. 

Post and Rail Fencing

Post and Rail fencing can make for an attractive perimeter fence in a domestic environment. The open style causes minimal disruption to views yet still provides a secure fence and boundary marker that is durable and low maintenance.

CloseBoard Fencing

This high quality fence is completely constructed of pressure treated wood, using wooden materials allows more flexibility in areas with angled boundary lines as well as being able to build the fence in all gradients. 

The feather board side of the fence gives an attractive continuous run that is unbroken by posts making it a popular choice for gardens. 

Closeboard is very flexible allowing for installation on steep gradients and in between brick pillars.

Garden Gates

Standard size gates in a variety of styles can be installed with all the gate furniture required. 

Should your gate not be standard size we can measure up and provide a bespoke gate to your exact requirements.

Commercial Fencing

Palisade Fencing

Steel Palisade fencing provides a secure and robust fencing solution. There is a number options available for height, strength and style to suit individuals requirements.

Mesh Panels

This type of fencing is secure and robust, yet still remains aesthetically pleasing in appearance. this fencing is popular fencing system for educational and industrial uses, yet it is designed for a wide range of uses.

Chain Link

This type of fencing is popular and very versatile and is suitable for a wide variety of applications. Chain link fencing can provide security further than just a boundary marker.

As experienced installers we are happy to answer any questions and discuss your requirements.

UK planning regulations, a solid fence panel can be no higher than 2 Metres. For the installation of higher fencing you will require planning permission.

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